Did you know you can easily switch to solar power, reduce your electric bill and support Congregation Tikkun v'Or at the same time?

Congregation Tikkun v'Or has enrolled in the Bullrock Community Solar Program to help us achieve our goal of minimizing our carbon footprint! Bullrock Solar will direct NYSEG to use solar energy to power all of our electricity needs.

The great news is members and friends of Congregation TvO are also eligible to enroll. By signing up (for free), you’ll shrink your own carbon footprint, reduce your electric rates by 10% and help TvO! How? When you enroll, Bullrock Solar will donate $75 to TvO in your name.

Sign up for the Bullrock Solar Program

  • No Fees
  • No Solar Panels on Your Roof or Property
  • No Long-term Commitment
  • No Change to Your Electric Service
  • Open to Homeowners, Renters & Farms
  • Save as Much as $700 Every Year